exception SignalDoesNotExistException

Trying to send a unknown signal to device.

exception DataFormatUnsupportedException

Exception raised when trying to send something other than a string sequence to device.

exception TerminalInitializationFailedException

Exception raised when your device doesn’t respond with ‘ACK’ signal when receiving ‘ENQ’ signal. Could mean that the device is busy or not well configured.

exception TerminalUnrecognizedConstantException

Exception raised when you’ve built a TeliumAsk instance without proposed constant from package.

exception LrcChecksumException

Exception raised when your raw bytes sequence does not match computed LRC with actual one from the sequence. Could mean that your serial/usb conn isn’t stable.

exception SequenceDoesNotMatchLengthException

Exception raised when trying to translate object via encode() or decode() doesn’t match required output length. Could mean that your device is currently unsupported.

exception IllegalAmountException

Exception raised when asking for an amount is bellow TERMINAL_MINIMAL_AMOUNT_REQUESTABLE and higher than TERMINAL_MAXIMAL_AMOUNT_REQUESTABLE.